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Research & Development

Detailed Literature Research and Review
We have helped our client continue to monitor and to develop its knowledge base while providing a forward view of what could be possible in their new product developments.

Development of Core Competencies as Corporate Knowledge
It is essential for companies to understand the explicit technologies, science and engineering that is special and possibly the cornerstones to the business. Successful companies that nurture their core competencies within new product developments can improve significantly the success of their next generation product. Improvement, refinement and selective division of core competency areas is important for future product successes.

Research and Development of Specialized Design and Analysis Capabilities
Many years ago we were given challenges that standard commercial analysis packages could not handle for a number of reasons. In some analyses, results could be incorrect by an order of magnitude. In other cases, the time for finite element modeling and post-processing steps was excessive and specialized solutions were developed for the client or the problem.

Methodology Development and Implementation
Part of the this story begins with the question of "how do you use the knowledge that we have?" This can be from elementary to advanced engineering concepts to the the tried and true methods or to the "this is how we've always done it." The application of sound theory, practical experience and rules-of-thumb must be coordinated and managed to fit within the product development process/cycle and to be reliable and repeatable to ensure consistent product quality.

Product Knowledge Capture
It has been our experience that companies tend to underestimate the level of knowledge and information contained in their own products. Our values include working closely with the client and their product to understand and discover, if necessary, the product knowledge. The most significant examples of this type of effort was found in a product that was obtained by company acquisition. The original designers and engineers were not available and the product knowledge was at risk in a planned re-design.

Concept Improvement
Based on Quigley Scientific's experiences, the knowledge available to the public domain is ever increasing. In our efforts, we are constantly studying and investigating leads into new design and analysis concepts to remain current and to continue to contribute to the state-of-the-art.








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