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Quigley Scientific Corporation appreciates this opportunity to be of service and will respond as quickly as possible for your project needs. After you have submitted the information below you will sent an automated email confirmation. If this is an urgent need, please also call to alert us to your needs and time schedule.

Request for Quote Basic Instructions and Steps:

1. The more that we know about your project the better it is for us to serve. If the information is in any way proprietary information, please fax your legal agreements to 781.860.9014. You can also email your agreements to jjq@qscorp.com. You will receive an automated response that your email and attachments were received at our office.

2. Please detail the issues or concerns about the project. If you need assistance in forming the initial objectives we can help you get started. The detail provided to us for the RFQ will add to the accuracy of our response. If this is an urgent need, please also call to alert us to your needs and time schedule.

3. Additional details to help us with the RFQ would involve sharing with us your gating events in the project, and when you need information and answers from Quigley Scientific.

4. If you only have a hand sketch of the design, you can fax or scan and email the picture. If you have CAD geometry files, please contact us about the format on how to send to us. You can then ZIP the files and email as an attachment to RFQ@qscorp.com.

We are looking forward to becoming invested in your product success!

We would like to learn more about you and how to better serve you.
Please take a few minutes to fill out and submit the Quigley Scientific information form.

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