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Company Specialized Products: Customization for Product Excellence

Over the last twenty years of consulting efforts by Quigley Scientific Corporation, we have honed our analytical and design methodologies into a proprietary software system for analysis and design. In many cases, our solutions were one-of-a-kind and state-of-the-art for our clients. This has helped them to accelerate their product developments into areas of their respective markets that would be not obvious, non-intuitive, and difficult for other competitors to track and to attack their technologies.

This intensive effort has lead to methodologies that are time and experienced tested. These methods can be applied to every day issues as well as the hardened and elusive issues that have risen to a critical level and have threatened the future existence and viability of a company product.

After so many experiences and years of industrial work, the customized solution approach has lead us into a unique ability to customize quickly to difficult engineering analysis and design issues. For the company that understands its core competitive technologies we help them build a self-consistent analysis methodology to their core values in their business, marketing and quality assurance. For the company that is just beginning to understand and to preserve their core competitive technologies, we help them to build right the first time. These efforts extend from analysis of high concept first pass analysis of products, through detailed design, dimensioning and tolerance specification, to manufacturability analysis of the proposed new product.

Our proprietary analysis products involve combination of finite element analysis and analytical modeling. The computer programs are divided along key analysis methodologies and include extensive functionalities and multiple features to obtain accurate solutions and predictions.

Analysis Geometry Engine, AGE
Design Variation Constraint, DVC
Meshing Toolkit, MT
Analysis Matrix - Design of Experiment, AM-DOE
Analysis Engine, AE
Quality Evaluation Engine, QEE
Report Engine, RE
Performance Engine, PE
Optimization Engine, OE
Adaptive Mesh Engine, AME
Nonlinear Rezoning Engine, NRE

If you are interested in a proprietary solution for your company and products, please contact us at: softwareproducts@qscorp.com


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