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Company Mission

Quigley Scientific Corporation provides solutions to difficult industrial problems involving technical and scientific research, analysis, modeling and software development. The primary objectives are to provide leading-edge, creative, innovative, unique, and robust solutions to clients. Our approach involves focusing concentration at solving our client's current needs while developing a proprietary knowledge base for our client. The ultimate result of this proven and successful approach has established new core competencies for the client. This has led to new methodologies, processes, products, and shortened delivery time for products and re-engineered products.


Quigley Scientific provides technical and scientific consulting for concerns involving analytically based design, analytical modeling, manufacturing process modeling and detailed finite element analysis. This skill set draws on over thirty-five years of experience in theory, development and use of finite element methods for stress and thermal analysis. Experiences have spanned academic research and development of industrial finite element systems. The use of finite element methods includes implicit and explicit methods for linear and nonlinear problems in statics and dynamics involving contact, nonlinear material models, geometrically nonlinear, finite deformations, and finite strains. Research and development has included many areas such as modeling and analysis of composite material systems, plastics, metals, metal forming, machine design and contact mechanics. Quigley Scientific's professional computer programming experience includes over twenty years in software engineering and product development in the CAE, CAD and CAM industries. Significant software development experiences include computer-aided mathematics and evolutionary prototyping. Additional areas of expertise includes research and development of mathematics and algorithms of automatic finite element mesh generation and adaptive analysis.


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