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Marketing and Engineering Evaluation of a Machine Design Company
Expert Consultant for Aluminum Can-End Forming in Federal Court
Computerized Algebra Approach for Closed Form Machinery Analysis
Analysis of a Four-Bar Linkage System for Industrial Design Application
Design Space Constraint Modeling of High-Torque Powered Wrench
Precision Speed Reducer for Robotics and Manufacturing (ARPA: TRP-93-009)
Closed Form Analysis of a Two-Stage Speed Reducer Used in Satellite Tracking
Crash and Impact Analysis of a Metallic Composite Vehicle Bumper
Stress Analysis of a Large Four-Wheel Articulated Off-Road Vehicle
Drop/Impact Analysis of the SnakeFan Product
Electronic Slider Switch Design for the SnakeFan Product in Phosphor-Bronze
Fretting Fatigue Analysis of Large Crank Shaft in a Forming Press
Stress Fatigue Analysis of Large Scale Tapered Threaded Systems on Oil Strings
Analytical Stress and Fatigue of Plastic Juvenile Furniture
Analysis and Redesign of High Speed Circular Knitting Machine Component
Analytical Stochastic Analysis of High Precision Machinery
Drop/Impact Analysis of a Handheld Device
Analysis Large Scale Assembly of a Laser Based Manufacturing System
Review and Development of Engineering Design and Analysis Methods
Edge Effect for Toughness of Laminated Composites
Multi-State Electronic Slider Switch Design for the SpotLiter Product in Phosphor Bronze
Nonlinear Kinematics of a Boot Binding Locking Device.
Innovative Inline Skate Blade Design
Fail-Safe Designs for Oil Field Robotic Tractoring
Research Study and Proprietary Mathematical Software Development
Nonlinear and Self-Contact Impact Analysis of a Automobile Shift Handle
High Temperature and Pressure Applications for Fused Silica and Sapphire
Research Study and Technology Plan Development
Exoskeleton Ski Boot Design
Design Review and Analysis of a Critical Locking Device for a Hockey Helmet
Impact Durability of Point-of-Sale Electronic Device
Fracture Mechanics Analysis of Cracked High Speed Rotating Devices
Critical Durability of an Aluminum Multistage Locking Device
Tolerance Variation and Affect on Durability Under Random Loading at Elevated Temperature
Natural Resonance Excitation in Ultrasonic Welding Motivated Fracture
Catastrophic Failure of Military Sub-System
Design of Telecommunications Device Under NEBS, GR-63-Core
Fatigue Analysis of Three-Dimensional Flat Springs
Sensitivity of Defects on the Welds and Effects due to Welding Conditions
Finite Element Contact Modes of Failure Analysis of Large Assemblies
Design Support and Prototype Dynamic Response Analysis
Thermal-Structural Analysis of High Temperature Ceramics
Design Support and Contact Stress Analysis
Plastic Injection Mold Core Fatigue Durability Analysis
Closed Form Viscoelastic Analysis of a Composite Spring
Dynamic Fracture Analysis of a Polycarbonate Ampoule Device
Design Review of an Endoscopic and Dermal Surgery Device
Design Review of a Dry Particle Flow System in an Innovative Dynamic Chair
Design Review and Analysis of Plastic Components in a Play Yard
Design Review of a Plastic Play Table
Review of a Thermal Control System for a Manufacturing Process
Rotating Machinery Entrapment
Fracture Analysis of Silicon Seal



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