Quigley Scientific: Plastic Injection Mold Core Fatigue Durability Analysis

Plastic Injection Mold Core Fatigue Durability Analysis

The design of high cycle fatigue structures as typically seen in the plastics molding industry may not immediately seem apparent. However, with the increased needs of high volume part productions and decreased mold cycle time, the molding pressures on thin walled deep parts becomes a high cycle fatigue concern. The cost associated to premature fatigue failure typically results in unplanned and unexpected costs to the molding company. The utility of engineering fatigue calculations for mold core design was implemented to complete detailed comparison between two alternate designs involving 1-gate or 3-gate designs. The detailed issues of vent and retaining pin locations and geometry features was combined with details of the core manufacture. The original design knowledge of the mold cores was shown to exist, and for what reasons, and was not reduced or changed in the list of additional design recommendations. The engineering fatigue evaluation involved MoldFlow calculations as provided from the clients analysis team with methodologies provided by Quigley Scientific. The fatigue calculations used a full range of strength reduction factors applicable to this industry and illustrated the management of these factors, hence manufacturability, would increase mold core durability. The reliability of the fatigue predictions was computed to be consistent with the internal product quality standard.

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