Quigley Scientific: Thermal-Structural Analysis of High Temperature Ceramics

Thermal-Structural Analysis of High Temperature Ceramics

High temperature transient analysis for nitride bonded silicon carbide ceramics in over 700 megawatt coal fired boilers was completed to identify the source of failure due to thermal gradient self-stressing. The analysis attempted to design a lower cost solution to replace conventional steel designs. The project involved a retro fit design limitation of the proposed ceramic part, and included fixed constraints based on the established flow characteristics of the burner. A proprietary finite element thermal-structural analysis was completed which included details of the air flow and coal particle system, effects on thermal loading due to the coal ash debris, effects of heat conduction, heat convection and thermal radiation from the flame front. The novel aspects of the analysis showed the competition between the heat conduction and convection effects that caused a severe self-stressing structural loading of the ceramic part. A new conceptual design using organic shapes was rendered and recommended to the client.

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